Helping Startups Grow


and COMMUNICATION tools for easy collaboration and networking.


Add a new platform to your sales channel to find leads and close deals.


and FUNDING solution to take control of your finances and fundraising.


Take courses and develop industry skills that help you achieve performance.


Find the right candidates for your projects using the power of the Planlinks network.

Networking and Communication

Network with people who can bring you sales, career and networking opportunities. Join entrepreneurs, CEOs, and expert professionals who are using Planlinks to get matched with business opportunities.

Create or join networking groups, forum discussions, meetups and networking events to collaborate with co-workers, experts, and colleagues to share business updates, ideas, and opportunities.

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Using networking to helping startups grow
Using sales to helping startups grow

Sales and Marketing

Integrate your business with our ecommerce solution to securely sell and accept online payments.

The built-in marketing tools and social media applications help you promote your services not only on Planlinks but other external networks such as Google and Facebook. Automate in-store sales and customer support with the integrated POS and CRM systems.

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Accounting and Funding

Control your company's finances, make transactions, and generate detailed reports, invoices, and employees’ payroll in real time. With the interactive administration dashboard, seamlessly manage stock, invoicing, and employees' submitted expenses.

Create fundraising campaigns and invite investors and fellow entrepreneurs who are passionate about building future innovation to contribute. The community invest in each other and share strengths to make sure everyone’s successful.

Manage Accounts
Using automation to helping startups grow
Using learning to helping startups grow

Learning and Mentoring

Learn from our mentoring partners who help you develop industry skills in managing your business.

Mentoring partners including schools, colleges, universities, training organizations, and individual mentors can now sell and deliver online courses with confidence.

As the #1 choice platform for training and education, you can now train your remote employees online for free. You may also add your profile as a mentoring partner.

Develop Skills

HR and Talent

Find talents and import successful candidates into your employee database. Manage employees' payrolls, workload, promotion, attendance and leave online with absolute clarity.

Access and update employees’ status, responsibilities, and leads across branches and departments. Organize office documents and share with your managers. Manage your office inventory with ease and assign assets to employees and make reference when there is a need.

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Using talent solution to helping startups grow